Registration Date

Early Bird:

11th, February, 2019 to 24th, March, 2019.


1st, April, 2019 to 12th, May, 2019

Late Registration:

13st, May, 2019 to 31th, May, 2019

Conference Fee

Early Bird:

4000 NTD


4600 NTD

*For 6 nights (7/7-7/13), the accommodation fee will be an extra 3300 NTD.

*USD and NTD Exchange Rate (according to Bloomberg Market) : 1 USD = 30.81 NTD

Registration Plan


For Local Application*,

a group of 3 or more accepted applicants is qualified for 4000 NTD discount.

For International Application*,

a group of 3 or more accepted applicants is qualified for 4000 NTD discount.

Group discount is only valid after all applicants in the group are accepted as participants of GIS Taiwan 2019.

*Local application and International Application

Local Application You are a Taiwanese student studying in Taiwan
International Application

1. You are a Taiwanese student studying abroad

2. You are an international student studying in Taiwan

3. You are a non-Taiwanese student studying abroad


Our partnership this year are: Partnership

The standard partnership fee is 3000 NTD, and essay answers from the members of our partners are not required. Please upload the Partnership Invitation to the Essay Answers Upload section.

We welcome all organizations to establish partnership with GIS Taiwan 2019. Please contact us at for further information.

Student Ambassador Referral

Our student ambassador this year are: Student Ambassador

You may be accepted as a delegate in 2019 Global Initiative Symposium with a referral of our student ambassador. You do not need to compose the essay question answers.

To apply, you need to receive a letter of recommendation from a student ambassador.

Please attach the letter of recommendation to the Essay Questions Upload section in the Application Form.

High School Program

GIS Taiwan provides an exclusive High School Program in order to increase global awareness among high school students. With a training program before the conference, we anticipate to help high school students integrate with university-level discussions. This year, we will select 60 high school delegates through application assessments and interviews in English.


Students who have not yet graduated high school and those who have graduated in 2019.

Registration Time

11st, February, 2019 to 12th, May, 2019.

Conference Fee

The fee includes all food and drink during the the conference (7th, July, 2019 to 12th, July, 2019), accommodation (7th, July, 2019 to 12th, July, 2019) (5 days) and the training program.

High School Program:

7900 TWD

Basis of Selection

Registration guide

Step 1

Complete the essay questions.

Step 2

Complete the registration form as below.

Step 3

We will review your answers to the essay questions.

Step 4

If you are qualified, we will send you a confirmation letter within 1 week.

Step 5

Registration completed after payment..

Step 1

Complete the essay questions

Step 2

Complete the registration form as below

Step 3

We will review your answers to the essay questions.

Step 4

If you are qualified, we will send you a confirmation letter within 1 week.

Step 5

Registration completed

Essay question

We expect a thought-provoking essay in this year’s topic Shifts and Shocks. The essay must meet the following criteria:


500 words max

PDF format with the file name “GIS Taiwan 2019 + English name”




12th, May, 2019

If you are a high school applicant, please note that an interview in English will be arranged if you pass the paper reviewing section.

If you have any question regarding the registration process, please contact

Registration form

Financial Aid

GIS Taiwan 2019 welcomes students to participate in our conference. If any budgetary shortfall should inhibit their ability to attend our conference, it is encouraged to apply for Financial Aid. The financial aid grant will subside conference and accommodation fees.


Students applying for Financial Aid must attach a Low Income Statement in the application and should be enrolled as a student in National Taiwan University.

Application Process

Please apply for the Financial Aid. GIS Taiwan 2019 will provide a grant contingent upon the circumstance.

Important Information

GIS Taiwan Organizing Team retains all rights to the number of financial aid grants that will be distributed, and to whom they will be awarded.

All participants must make an initial deposit of the application and hotel fees regardless of whether or not they will be receiving financial aid. All financial aid will be given in New Taiwanese Dollar after the conference ends. This is to ensure financial aid recipients will participate in GIS Taiwan 2019 for its full duration.

Failure to attend two or more GIS Taiwan 2019 sessions, or any highly inappropriate and disrespectful demeanor can result in the revocation of financial aid.

Should any false information or plagiarism, intentional or unintentional, be found in your application, you will be immediately disqualified from not only our financial aid program, but also participating in GIS Taiwan 2019.

Other discounts do not apply if you have applied for the Financial Aid Program.

Our staff can be reached at all times, please do not hesitate to contact for more information.

Field Trip

GIS Taiwan arranged an optional two-day field trip after the conference, allowing all participants from all over the world to discover the beauty of Taiwan. This will definitely be a great chance for you to visit world-famous tourist attractions and try out Taiwanese gourmet in night markets. GIS Taiwan is looking forward to showing the greatest part of Taiwan, creating unforgettable memories with new friends, and drawing to a perfect end in Taiwan.

13th July (Sat.) - 14th July (Sun.)

Field Trip Fee: 2500 NTD, including accommodation and tickets.

Maximum delegates : 40 ( Places will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis. )

Taiwan’s Northwest Jem— Yilan

|The National Center for Traditional Arts

Along the Tongshan River, you can find The National Center for Traditional Arts. The center gives tourists a glimpse of traditional Taiwanese arts, with performance of folk music, opera, dance, toy-making and temple decorations. Tourists can experience traditional craftsmanship such as Hakka Indigo Dyeing.

|Luodong Night Market

Luodong Night Market is one of the biggest and most packed night markets at Yilan. It is a lovely place to spend your evening with friends, enjoying cheap and marvelous food which is near our accommodation.

|Kavalan Whisky Distillery

Established in 2005, Kavalan is Taiwan’s first whiskey-maker and the nation’s only family-owned whiskey distillery. The pure water and fresh air make this part of the subtropical island the ideal environment for the production of whisky.

|Lanyang Museum

Yilan is itself a mesmerizing museum and the Lanyang Museum is a window into better understanding of this area. Lanyang Museum is a cultural foundation for Yilan, where residents engage in meaningful learning and enjoy burgeoning cultural space.

|Jiu Fen Old Street

Nestled against the mountains, the quaint Jiufen Old Street offers winding streets hemmed in by traditional shops and vendors. Sip tea in the famous A Mei Teahouse, or walk as you savor traditional Taiwanese sweets.