Student Ambassadors

Andy Hsu University of Southern California

You get to meet and work with amazing people with diverse backgrounds and perspectives, get INSPIRED in GIS!

Tzu-Han Hsu National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Life is connecting the dots. GIS Taiwan will definitely be one of the best parts in your life.

Chuan-Yang, Wang Shin Shing General High School

Participating in GIS Taiwan, you'll grow, be inspired and you'll be a profounder person in the end.

RU-YUN CHIU Taipei Wego Private Senior High School

In GIS Taiwan, you will get more than you expected.

Yueh-Erh Shi National Taiwan University

GIS Taiwan, for me, is a window to opportunities beyond.

Almondreaux Jason Williams University of the Free State

A platform and opportunity to grow in many aspects of your life.

Myeongseok Gwon Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

The only and best opportunity for academic and cultural experience.

Meng Hsuan, Ho National Chengchi University

Here we work with inspiring teammates and honorable lecturers who come from different countries and have various backgrounds. Hands down, GIS TW.

Ching-Hsuan, Liu National Taiwan University

For me, GIS Taiwan is a chance to meet great people all over the world and know new things that I have never learned. Here in GIS, I promise you will receive more than what you can expect.